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Did you know you are equipped with your own internal pharmacy? The evidence behind a healthy gut and chronic disease continues to grow, and our understanding of a balanced gut does too.

We've turned years of microbiome research expertise into the development of probiotic formulas like none other. 

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Restore your microbial ecosystem

Inside your gut are thousands of tiny bacteria and fungi that serve as your very own fingerprint. The bacterial ecology you were born with is shaped and molded throughout your life depending on your experiences.

Changes in food production and the application of modern medicine may diminish important bacteria responsible for proper function of your everyday processes and pathways.

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Microbiome research tools and services

Success with comprehensive microbiome research comes with a multi-disciplinary approach.

Learn more about our BioCollector (TM) stool collection kit that produces well-characterized stool sub-samples with comprehensive life-healthy history survey information.

In addition, be sure to reach out to learn more about how our metabolic model can help to advance your own research and development. 

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  • For Citizen Scientists

    To empower our customers, or as we like to call them "tiny revolutionaries", to learn more about how taking care of their gut can lead to a happy, healthy life. 

  • For Researchers

    To innovate microbiome research and hold it to higher standards. With our patented BioCollector kit, we collect whole stool samples in a standardized method and process and store samples into aliquots for research use. We also extended our metabolic modeling and metagenomic analysis services to those interested in understanding their research initiatives at a deeper level. 

  • For The World

    To collaborate on cutting edge research and share our findings with citizen scientists and researchers around the world. We have a personal drive to advance microbiome research as it relates to Parkinson's disease, and are committed to utilizing our internal Research & Development team, in addition to working with some of the world's best collaborators, to dive deeper into the link between Parkinson's disease and the gut microbiome. 

Research Tools FAQ

What research tools and services do you offer?

We offer our well-characterized neat and PBS/Glycerol stored stool sub-samples, in addition to our metabolic modeling and metagenomic sequencing analysis services to the public. Our stool sub-samples are derived from a variety of healthy and diseased individuals. We provide basic metadata with our sub-sample sales, but are happy to procure additional survey related data for an additional fee. We also have parallel shotgun metagenomic sequencing on most of our stool sub-sample inventory, which allows you to select samples based on bacterial composition. Or - you can skip that part entirely and license our data outright. 

Why does your BioCollector kit collect the whole stool?

Most current stool collection methods have a person produce a sample, take a small swab of the sample, and mix it with a DNA stabilizing solution. However, research has shown that sampling along different sites of the stool sample results in specific bacterial species differences. With our continued knowledge of how bacteria at the species level can predict the fate of many human functions, collecting the whole stool is important in gaining a comprehensive understanding. 

What types of well-characterized stool sample sub-aliquots do you carry?

Our highly curated stool sub-sample inventory consists of samples from a variety of disease cohorts (Parkinson's disease, diabetes, GI disorders, autoimmune). We preserve most of our sub-samples both "neat" (no buffer, strictly stool) and in a PBS/Glycerol solution. 

What types of research can be accomplished using stool samples?

Our neat stool samples offer a wide range of discovery options when it comes to microbiome research. From strain isolation to metabolomics, to bacterial and pathogen identification, the benefits of a neat sample are plentiful. 


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