Thanksgiving dish ingredients that work magic on your microbiome

Whether you're planning a traditional Thanksgiving feast, or opting for a more healthy spread, peppering in the following ingredients will give your gut an extra boost. As you take your post-dinner nap, your microbes will be noshing on key sources of pre and probiotics and giving the gift of whole food digestion back to your body! Pretty fancy for nap time, right?

Check out our list of popular microbe-loving Thanksgiving Day ingredients below and how you can swap them in to recipes you already have!


Leeks are packed full of prebiotic bacteria (which feed the probiotic bacteria in your gut) and can be used as a substitute for white or green onions. Better when consumed raw, but still effective when lightly cooked. 


Whole grain barley is an excellent source of rich fiber and has been shown to reduce blood sugar levels and help with appetite control. What's more, it has also demonstrated an increase in hormones necessary for reducing intestinal inflammation. Barley can be substituted for rice, particularly delicious in risotto dishes - just a 1:1 swap! 


Already on the map for their super powers in the antioxidant world, preliminary research shows that the carbohydrate xyloglucans (found in the cranberry cell wall) has been linked to the growth of probiotic bacteria. 

Greek Yogurt:

While the cat's out of the bag when it comes to the probiotic strength of well manufactured and cultured yogurt, we're still coming around to how easy it is to swap sour cream out for this gut healthy alternative. Even fresh whipping cream, for example, can be made using one part heavy cream and one part greek yogurt - give it a try! 


A natural anti-inflammatory and well-known contributor to healthy gut balance, adding turmeric powder to your mashed potatoes or mac and cheese will provide an beautiful vibrant color and a better arsenal for your microbes when it comes to digesting indulgent foods. 

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving holiday!

The BioCollective